Get to know about installing and setting up Setup MS Office 2010

The advanced version productivity suite opens new doors for you to provide the best business productivity experience across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. New features have also been incorporated such as a built-in screen capture tool, a background removal tool, a protected document mode, new Smart Art templates and author permissions. The 2007 ‘Office’ Button is renovated with a menu button that leads you to a full-window file menu, called Backstage View, giving an easy access to perform common tasks such as printing and sharing.

A redesigned Ribbon interface is available in all Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft One Note, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Publisher. Office applications also support Jump Lists feature in Windows 7, which allows you to easily access frequently used programs and tasks relevant to the application.

When installing Setup MS Office, the setup installation wizard will prompt you to ‘upgrade’ to uninstall and replace or overwrite Microsoft Office 2007, or any previous versions of Microsoft Office suite or applications installed on your PC.

In order to install Microsoft Setup Office 2010 along with Microsoft Office 2007 side by side, you need to install MS Office in a different directory or folder, so that the existing Office Setup 2007 program files don’t get overwritten. Use the following instructions to install Office 2010 with Microsoft Office 2007 so that both the productivity suites can be run simultaneously without generating any conflict

Users who prefer to install MS Office 2010 without removing MS Office 2007 can also download config.MSP Windows Installed Patch setup customization file which already been designed to keep existing Microsoft Office components and applications


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