If replacing the toner cartridge doesn’t resolve light HP Printer problems, check the rollers.

On a recent service call, my client complained to me that their HP Printers technical helps Laser Jet was having some print quality issues. When I printed a test page I saw that there were a few ranges down the left half of the page that had light print. My first believed was to supplant the toner cartridge yet the client educated me that they had effectively done as such however the issue had been on-going.

Since the light print was not reliable down the page, but rather happened at interim’s, I knew immediately I could discount the laser scanner get together as the issue. Subsequent to running a half test and affirming that the imperfection was on the page before the picture was melded, I knew it was either the exchange roller or toner cartridge.

Since the toner cartridge had been supplanted a few times I checked the exchange roller, which demonstrated a territory on the roller that was roughed up and that agreed with the range of light HP printer Help Support on the print. I requested and introduced another exchange roller and the picture quality was restored.

Note-: HP has a monotonous deformity ruler in their administration manuals. The vast majority think this is for dark imprints on the page. This ruler can likewise be utilized for light checks. On the off chance that you think you have the arrangement yet need to confirm you are supplanting the right part, check the dreary imperfection ruler in the administration manual. Likewise, I for one never introduce outsider move rollers in machines. I’ve had far an excess of issues with them. At whatever point requesting an upkeep pack or supplanting the exchange roller, I suggest getting an OEM exchange roller.


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